Opening hours

With and without reservation:
Dinsdag t/m zondag10:00 – 22:00



With and without reservation:
Monday Gesloten
Dinsdag t/m zondag 10:00 – 22:00


By bike or on foot

The front of the VRcafe is on the side of the buses. It is possible to park your bicycle in front of the VRcafe and in the bicycle shed of the station. Note: Google Maps will direct you via the Lange Herenstraat but this is not necessary, you can also walk past the buses via the other side. 

With public transport

Walk from the station towards the center of Haarlem.
If you take the exit of the Burger King, walk straight ahead past the buses and immediately turn left.
If you walk out of the station along the Ako, cross the street and follow the sidewalk to the right along the bus lane.

From the bus, cross the square towards the center and walk left into the corner of the station square.

By car

You can park in the Station car park at Lange Herenstraat 11. Klik hier voor de Google Maps locatie.

From the parking garage it is a 30 second walk to the front of the VRcafe towards the buses.

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