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Over het vrcafe

Virtual Reality (VR) is a digital environment. You can enter these environments by putting on a VR headset. Due to Virtual Reality, we are able to see, hear and feel a completely different world. Controllers give us the ability to explore and manipulate this world.

Het VRcafe is dé plek om kennis te maken met Virtual Reality gaming. Door het opzetten van een VR headset kun je in het VRcafe alternatieve realiteiten beleven en betreden. 

Je kunt hier, wanneer je de VR Experience boekt, meer dan 45 VR games spelen. Verder kan je bij ons VR Lasergamen en VR Racen.

Toe aan een VR break? Relax dan met een hapje en een drankje terwijl je met jouw vrienden en familie bijpraat. Daag iemand uit voor een potje airhockey of speel klassiekers via de arcades. 

More about the VRcafe

In general, gaming in the VRcafe is €35 per playing field per hour. The VR Experience on walk-in is 30 cents per minute, which is €18 per hour. Please do note that this is without any guidance. The walk-in price is only possible if you are known to us and when we have explained how you can switch between the games yourself. 

However, the prices for VR depend on a number of factors: the chosen game form, the time period, the number of people you come with and the number of playing fields you want to reserve. If you want to know the exact price for your desired booking, check our reservation page for more information 

Time flies in Virtual Reality. That is why we offer most options from 60 minutes. However, we often notice that 60 minutes is a bit too short of a time for most people. Therefore 90 minutes is more ideal. Children in particular can go on for a long time when they are gaming in VR. That is why we recommend a booking of at least 90 minutes for children and children's parties. 120 minutes is also a good period of time for kids. Therefore the choice of the time period probably has to be made on the basis of budget rather than duration. 

VR Racing is the only option that can be booked from 30 minutes, because this option is often described as intense.

Geschikte leeftijd

We always say that our VRcafe is suitable for everyone between the ages of 8 and 80. Besides the fact that this is a funny sounding sentence, it is also reality. Children from 8 years of age are motorically able to play with a VR headset on without constant guidance.

For VR Racing we recommend an age of 10 years. The pedals are often too far away for children under 10 years old. Apart from that, VR Racing is often described by people as quite intense. If the parents themselves indicate that it is possible, children from the age of 8 are also allowed to race in VR at our VRcafe.

If the parents themselves indicate that it is possible, children from the age of 6 are allowed to play VR with us. Unfortunately, we can't allow children from a younger age, because our headsets are too big for them.

We recommend VR Racing for children of the age of 10 years old. This is because the pedals are often too far away for children under 10 years of age. In addition, VR Racing is often described as intense. If the parents themselves indicate that it is possible, children from 8 years old are also allowed to play VR Racing. 

16 years is the minimum age to come and work in our VRcafe. However, we prefer to hire people aged 18 and older. That way, we can leave our staff alone at the VRcafe when necessary. The working hours in the evening and the responsibility you get with us also play a major role. Are you curious if you are suitable to come and work with us? Send your CV and motivation letter to work@vrcafehaarlem.nl or call us at +31 (0) 23 234 0606 for more information.

Speelvelden en headsets

Ons prachtige pand aan het Stationsplein in Haarlem is omgetoverd tot een gezellig cafe met 6 speelvelden, elk inclusief een eigen VR headset. Je kunt er bij ons voor kiezen om een VR headset te delen of om ieder een eigen bril te geven. Wanneer ieder een eigen bril heeft, kun je samen met jouw vrienden en familie in multiplayer modus spelen. Bij gedeelde speelvelden is dit niet mogelijk. Als je een speelveld deelt, wissel je de VR headset onderling door. Per uur raden wij een maximum van 3 personen per speelveld aan.

It is possible to give everyone their own VR headset up to 6 people. The advantage of giving everyone their own headset is that you can play some games in multiplayer mode. You can now play the same game with or against your friends and family. However, it is not necessary to give everyone their own VR headset. Every headset in our VRcafe is connected to a screen. That way you can always see what the players are experiencing. When you share a headset with someone, you alternate. This alternation is a good time to let your experience with VR sink in and talk about it with your friends. This is of course possible while enjoying a nice drink and a snack at the bar. Sharing glasses thus reinforces the social aspect. Both options have an advantage.

Also with a large group or your company outing you are at the right place at the VRcafe! Feel free to drop by or contact us by email or +31 (0) 23 234 0606 so we can make tailor made experience for your occasion.

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VR Experience

A VR experience is a simulation or a game in the virtual world. In our VRcafe we ​​have an offer of 45+ different games and experience. These experiences can be categorized in sport, action, racing, adventure, story/role playing games, puzzles, survival, shooters, creative games, horror, rhythm and exploration. When you book the VR Experience with us, you are completely free to do what you want. This way you can play your favorite over and over or switch games endlessly.

Besides the VR Experiences you can come to the VRcafe for VR Racing and VR Lasergaming. We can also put together a perfect VR experience at location.

See our VR offer

On our website you will find a page with all our games including their categories. Curious about all the games? Click here to see them all.

When booking the VR Experience, you can choose between all 45+ games and experiences that we have to offer in our VRcafe. You can switch between games yourself (after permission and an explaination of the staff). The VR Racing and the VR Lasergaming are two different options. When you book the VR Experience, you reserve all games excluding VR Racing and VR Lasergaming. Would you like to experience all the different options on the same day? In that case, make a special appointment with the staff. This can be done by contacting us by phone or by walking by.

VR Lasergaming

Step inside a mysterious world full of sky high towers with VR Lasergaming. In our VRcafe we ​​place special 4D towers on the playfields, which come back in the game. Hide behind the tower while shooting at opponents and dodging lasers. As an extra addition, we have cool haptic vests. Be careful: when you put on a vest you feel exactly where the laser of the opponent has hit you.

VR Lasergaming is a super fun outing suitable for all ages. For example, the outing can be booked for both children's parties and company outings. In the game you are divided into two teams, both of 2 or 3 people per team. After 5 to 8 minutes you alternate (if needed) with the people who have not yet had their turn. We recommend this outing for 4 to about 12 people.

More about VR Lasergaming

VR Lasergaming is recommended from 4 people and played in teams of 2 against 2 or 3 against 3. When you come along with 2 people, the teams will have to be supplemented with bots (computer controlled people). From experience we can say that VR Lasergaming is much more fun to play with real people rather than with bots. That is why we recommend VR Lasergaming from 4 people.

race in VR

VR Racen is een ervaring die vooral echte racefans niet mogen missen. Race alleen of samen met je vrienden en kies uit tientallen intense, bekende en beruchte circuits van over de hele wereld. Het stuur, de pedalen en de VR headset zorgen voor een super realistische game ervaring. 

More about VR Racing 

We recommend VR Racing for children of the age of 10 years old. This is because the pedals are often too far away for children under 10 years of age. In addition, VR Racing is often described as intense. If the parents themselves indicate that it is possible, children from 8 years old are also allowed to play VR Racing. 


All you need for the VR@HOME box is a room of 1.5 x 1.5 meters per VR headset. We will arrange the rest for you, such as soft- and hardware, an extensive manual and a power bank. A computer is not necessary because all games are in the VR headset.

Overig VR aanbod

When booking the VIP Package, the entire VRcafe is reserved just for you. All 6 playing fields can be used for the VR Experience and/or the VR Lasergaming. In addition, you can use all 4 racing seats for VR Racing. The bar, air hockey table and arcades are also free for you and your friends/family to use. The price of this VIP Package depends on the number of people you come with and how long you want to stay. Interested? Contact us for more information about the prices.

Nothing is more fun than getting a VR experience as a gift. That is why we sell giftcards. Step by to determine the price of the voucher yourself and pay directly at our VRcafe. 

VR gamen op inloop

You are always welcome in our VRcafe even without an appointment! VR gaming is only 30 cents a minute on walk-in without accompaniment. Switch between all our 45+ games yourself. The walk-in price is not possible when you visit our VRcafe for the first time. In this case, you will have to pay for the standard price of the VR Experience.

Standing in front of a closed door? Don't worry! We sometimes leave the VRcafe on quiet days without bookings. However, you can always call us at +31 (0) 23 234 0606 so that we can come up with a solution together with you.


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