VR Racing

VR Racing: what’s the deal?

Make the VR Café your own Grand Prix track and compete head-to-head to become the next Max Verstappen. Not a fan of Formula 1 and prefer go-karting instead? No problem: we have that, too! Choose your own car to follow in the footsteps of your favourite driver and experience what it’s like to speed through the twists and turns of a real racing track. We’ll see you at the finish line!

VR Racing is a unique VR experience! Play the game Project Cars 2 VR and race against your friends or test your skills against AI opponents. Choose from dozens of famous (or infamous) circuits from around the world and brave them to become the new champion.

VR Racing in short

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Comfortable, steady and ergonomic: our PlaySeat Evolution seats will make you feel like you’re always in pole position. Add in the Logitech G920 steering wheel and pedals and you have the perfect set-up for an immersive and amazingly responsive racing experience.


With 180 cars, from Formula 1 fireballs to racing karts, and 60 real-life circuits to match, Project Cars 2 VR is one of the most fun VR racing games around! Project Cars 2 VR een van de meest toffe VR race games om te spelen! 


An array of four screens will allow your family and friends to follow each player throughout the whole race and enjoy their time spectating.


Our race seats and VR headsets allow four players to compete at the same time. You will have to earn your victory!


Make a booking for our VR Racing and experience a virtual adventure at breakneck speed, with friends or by yourself. Choose your very own set-up or share your goggles and station. With your own set-up you can make the best of your playtime and compete with others in multiplayer, while if you choose to share a seat, you will have to alternate instead of playing at the same time. This gives you a somewhat shorter total playtime, but it makes the experience cheaper. And of course being a spectator can be a lot of fun, too!

VR Racing in VRcafe
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Review over het VRcafe
Review over het VRcafe
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For 1 race seat

30 min


60 min


90 min


120 min



Afspraak annuleren zonder annuleringsverzekering is helaas niet mogelijk. Een annuleringsverzekering kan gekocht word voor €2,95 per persoon aan het einden van het boekingsproces.

Kosten terug bij annulering van te voren:
– Meer dan 24 uur: volledige bedrag terug
– Tussen 24 en 12 uur: 50% van het bedrag terug
– Minder dan 12 uur: annuleringsverzekering vervalt


VR Racing is a great experience for anyone, but racing fans will surely have the ultimate blast with it. Wanna drive a Bugatti on the Nurburgring? A F1 racing car on the Suzuka track? Or drift around sharp turns in a small go-kart? We have all of that, and much, much more! Choose among 180 real-life cars and drive them on 60 of the most famous, or infamous, circuits from around the world. Our racing seats, pedals and steering wheels will provide the most immersive experience you’ve ever had. 

More about VR Racing 

For VR Racing we recommend an age of 10 or older. This is because, very often, the pedals connected to the steering wheel are too far for a child under 10 to reach with their feet, and because the experience is often described as particularly intense. If parents agree and we acknowledge that it is possible in each specific case, children between 8 and 10 can also play VR Racing. 

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