VR Laser Tag

VR Laser Tag: what's the deal?

It’s Laser Tag, but in a huge virtual world filled with metre-high towers and other obstacles you would not encounter in real life. Jump or teleport from one tower to another in a fast-paced battle between team Fire and team Ice. Bend around, use your whole body to aim, and shoot your opponent down! But keep an eye out: before you know it, you’ll get hit by an opponent’s laser and your vest will vibrate!

VR Laser Tag is a ton of fun for groups of all ages. The luminous towers set up in the VR Café are also present, at a 1:1 scale, in the game world, acting as cover and making everything even more realistic. Definitely a VR experience you don’t want to miss!

VR Laser Tag in short


The luminous towers are perhaps the coolest part of the VR Laser Tag experience. These towers will be set up in the VR Café and promptly appear in the virtual world, making the feeling of the battle even more realistic. 


With the haptic vests you feel exactly where each laser projectile shot by your opponents hits you (if they manage!). Just like the towers, these vests contribute to an extra-immersive experience.


Is your turn coming up later? No worries! Each VR headset is connected to a screen for spectating with your drink in hand, while our beamer provides an overview of the entire game.


Tell your own Song of Ice and Fire, but with guns! Count your every kill in Team Deathmatch, fight to the last man standing with no respawns in Elimination or conquer your enemy’s territory in Goal Tower. punten verzamelen door de torens van jouw vijand te kapen!

VR Laser Tag in practice

Wanna come and try out our VR Laser Tag? Then make a pro play and book in advance, so we can prepare the towers for you and you can start as soon as possible. We have six playing fields ready for playing in the VR Café. Depending on how many people are going to play at the same time and the size of the teams, choose four or six fields, but remember there’s no limit to how many people can take turns playing! VR Laser Tag can be booked for 60, 90 or 120-minute long sessions. 

VR Lasergamen in VRcafe
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Per VR headset

60 min


90 min


120 min



Afspraak annuleren zonder annuleringsverzekering is helaas niet mogelijk. Een annuleringsverzekering kan gekocht word voor €2,95 per persoon aan het einden van het boekingsproces.

Kosten terug bij annulering van te voren:
– Meer dan 24 uur: volledige bedrag terug
– Tussen 24 en 12 uur: 50% van het bedrag terug
– Minder dan 12 uur: annuleringsverzekering vervalt


When playing VR Laser Tag, you step into a futuristic, mind-bending world of metre-high, glowing towers. In the VRCafe itself, we place special towers that we call 4D-towers, because they will also appear in-game. Use them as cover while dodging your opponents’ lasers and trying to hit them with your own. To make the experience even more immersive and exciting, we will provide haptic vests for all players. These allow you to feel exactly where you are getting hit, so watch out for those shots!

VR Laser Tag is a fun activity suitable for all ages. It fits perfectly in a children’s party as well as a company outing. The players will be divided into two teams of 2 to 3 players, and after 5 to 8 minutes, when a round ends, you can pass your VR headset to those who have not had their turn yet. There is no limit to how many people can take turns, as long as the time of the booking allows it.

More about VR Laser Tag

VR Laser Tag is usually played in 2v2 or 3v3. When there are not enough people to fill a team (i.e., at least 4), the empty spots will be filled by bots (AI-controlled players), but we can say from experience that VR Laser Tag is much more fun with real people. For this reason, we recommend a minimum of 4 players.

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