Virtual Reality: Het nieuwe middel tegen fobieën en hoogtevrees.

Virtual Reality (VR) is a new way to help overcome phobias and vertigo. VR offers a unique way to treat anxiety, allowing people to enter a virtual environment where they can explore and overcome their fears. Fear of heights is a common problem that causes anxiety and panic attacks in many people. With VR, people can find themselves at height, allowing them to get used to the feelings it evokes.

Phobias are another challenge that are often difficult to overcome with traditional treatment methods. But with VR, people can be exposed to the frightening situations in a safe and controlled way. The idea is to confront and explore the fear so they can overcome them and feel more comfortable in the situation.


An example of a VR game that can help overcome a fear of heights is “Skyfront VR”. In this game, the player is exposed to various height challenges, such as walking over a narrow bridge, climbing a tall building, and making jumps in the air. By completing these challenges in a virtual environment, the player has the opportunity to overcome their fear of heights and feel more comfortable in situations involving heights.
Another example of a VR game is “Plank Not Included”. This is a virtual reality (VR) game also focused on overcoming a fear of heights. In this game, the player stands on a thin plank that hangs high above the ground. The goal of the game is to stay on the plank and complete various tasks while being exposed to the sensation of height.


In our VR cafe you can discover and experience the latest virtual reality technologies. Whether you want to play or relax, we offer something for everyone. Our experienced staff will be happy to help you choose the right VR experience and get you started in this new world.

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