New Years in VR Chat

Happy New VR Games

A new year means new VR games. Are you curious about which games will be launched in 2022? You can read about it below!

Among Us

Who’s sus? The most downloaded mobile app of 2020 is getting a new look! Although no release date is known yet, this popular game will soon be playable in VR. The game will not be compatible with the current version, so only owners of the VR variant will be able to play together. Among Us VR will only feature the Skeld map and will be played in a first-person perspective.

Arcade Legend

Build your own arcade! Play cool mini-games with your friends on different devices. With this social, creative and varied game it's just like being in a real game arcade!

Cosmonious High

Step into a colorful world at this high school for aliens! Discover your powers and revive the world after a universal disaster. Give high-fives and boxes to your classmates and work with them to save the school from chaos.

Exorcist Multiplayer

Step into creepy worlds with your friends. Exorcist multiplayer is an action-packed game of horror and investigation. Try to solve mysteries while trying to protect yourself from demonic creatures. This game is not suitable for children.

Green Hell

Try to survive in the jungle with this super realistic survival game. Will you manage to survive in the extreme conditions of the Amazon jungle? Although a delay has been estimated, this game is likely to launch in early 2022.

GTA San Andreas

GTA 6 is unfortunately still far away. However, there is progress in this popular Rockstar title. GTA San Andreas will be playable in VR in 2022. The price of the game will be around $40 and it will only be playable in first-person perspective. The game will be available on the Oculus Quest 2.


Step into a sci-fi universe with this game full of beautiful graphics. Swim, climb, fight and survive! This game will be a promising VR experience where you try to survive under harsh conditions of the twin planet.

Little Cities

This game is similar to Sim cities. Build your own cities that have various facilities. Hospitals, schools, airports - you name it! Will you manage to keep all the inhabitants happy?

Moss: Book II

In the spring of 2022, the sequel to Moss will be released. With dangerous terrain, challenging puzzles, and enemies of steel and fire, Quill's journey will be a tough one. Try to save the world from great destruction in this adventurous VR game for the Playstation.

Nerf Ultimate Championship

Play nerf battles as a team in this futuristic action game. Take cover, duck and shoot! This competitive game designed for Oculus does not yet have an exact release date in 2022.


Run, fight and survive in this exciting zombie game. Grab objects from abandoned buildings and transform them into weapons to protect yourself from zombies. For example, smash brains with a toaster stuck to a plunger. You name it!

Sushi Ben VR

Anime fans beware! Step into a world full of 3D manga with Sushi Ben VR. Convince customers to come eat sushi at a sushi restaurant that is threatening to close. However, this is not as easy as it sounds!

Ultrawings VR

Drive various flying vehicles in Ultrawings 2. Shoot enemies and play challenging mini-games in this promising game due for release in early 2022.

Zenith: The Last City

Fight, craft, and explore. Forge alliances and friendships in this multiplayer game set to be released for Oculus in early 2022. Join epic raids and global events to carve out your own path. How will you wield your powers in Zenith: The Last City?

Wow, 2022 looks very impressive in terms of VR! We are very curious to see which games will become the most popular and can't wait to try out one of these games ourselves. Are you curious about which games we currently have at VRcafe? Check out our game page.

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