VR The Diner Duo

OVER VR The DIner Duo

In VR The Diner Duo ben je een chef-kok in VR die zijn klanten in een beperkte tijd tevreden moet stellen. Deel de ervaring met een vriend in de lokale multiplayer-modus. Chaotische niveaus wachten op je!



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You (and a friend, if in multiplayer) are a chef on kitchen duty at a fast-food chain. Receive orders from a parade of fairly impatient customers and fulfil them as fast as you can, lest you receive their complaints instead and eventually get fired. You will have to cut vegetables, pick slices of cheese, cook patties (but don’t burn them!) and then navigate the chaotic restaurant while trying to keep track of where each order came from. An experience that could only be described as “playing a job”. We swear it’s fun!


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