Space Pirate Trainer

OVER Space Pirate Trainer

“Han Solo got nothing on me!” Enter a floating arena and prepare your laser blaster, pistol, shield or whatever is your sci-fi equipment of choice. Soon, groups of flying robots will swarm the edge of the platform, but don’t get overwhelmed. If these robots look a lot like floating targets, that is because they are: shoot down as many as possible and score points, but be careful, because these targets shoot back! Compete with your friends to see who gets further in this futuristic shooter challenge, then brag about your exploits over a drink.



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Kom Space Pirate Trainer spelen

Space Pirate Trainer is dé officiële trainer voor aspirant-ruimtepiraten, waar je vecht tegen meedogenloze golven van droids in een meeslepende klassieke arcadekast-ervaring, met alle benodigde wapens en gadgets bij VRcafe.


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