Just In Time Incorporated

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Enter a world full of deadly threats: bullets, knives, attack helicopters, ferocious beasts, mutated rats… then realise the life at risk is not yours, but that of your rather helpless insurance customers, and that YOU have to save them. Use your hypergloves to move at ten times any normal human speed, so that every one of your exploits will look like a Quicksilver scene from the X-Men movies, and hopefully end just as well. Will you be a hero to these poor civilians and act just in time?



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Met onze geavanceerde hyperhandschoenen kun je je tien keer zo snel bewegen als een normaal mens. Kogels, messen, aanvalshelikopters, woeste beren, gemuteerde ratten – geen probleem, jij kunt elke situatie makkelijk aan.


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