OVER Dreadhalls

You are trapped in an intricate dungeon filled with strange creatures. It’s you, your wits and a dim lantern in a maze of darkness, so prepare to sneak to the best of your abilities or your adventure will end very quickly. At times, you will be able to check a particularly under-informative map. Find a balance between stealth and lighting, and pray that you find some spare oil before your lantern runs out! The directional audio and original soundtrack of the game will make sure you are fully immersed and never relaxed. Finally, the dungeon will change every single time you play, making it so that no experience is ever the same.



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Kom Dreadhalls spelen

Je zit diep gevangen in een enorme kerker. Verken het, overleef het en vind een manier om te ontsnappen. Je enige wapens zijn stealth, je eigen moed en een zwak licht.


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