VRcafe Escape room Alice in the wonderland

Dive into a magical adventure with our VR Escape Room - Alice in Wonderland!

Are you ready to venture into a wonderful world? In this blog, we explain what a VR Escape Room is, what to expect and exactly how it works and tell you all about the VR Escape Room Alice in Wonderland.


A VR (Virtual Reality) Escape Room is an immersive, interactive adventure that you and your friends or family experience as if you were really there. In this virtual world (in which you can see and hear each other) you will end up in very special places and experience situations that would be far too dangerous or simply impossible in real life. Together, as heroes, you bring this adventure to a successful conclusion. 


Each player gets their own professional VR headset and two controllers. You stay in your own game area during the game.


In this special VR Escape Room, you will step into the shoes of Alice and dive into a world full of real magic. You will have to discover the secrets of the Queen of Hearts, who has enchanted time in Wonderland. Drink a make-me-small drink and follow the White Rabbit through the twisted mazes of the world behind the magnifying glass, where everything is upside down. You will have to help the Hatter, who is stuck in time, solve the mess at the crazy tea party. The Cheshire Cat will guide you through the enchanted thicket of Dark Forest, and with the help of the wise Caterpillar, you will help the fairies who know the secret of the evil queen. Find a way to sneak past the map guards to the castle full of vicious traps. Defeat the Queen of Hearts, lift the spell on the clock tower and save Wonderland.


So, are you ready to immerse yourself in the magical world of Alice in Wonderland and have an unforgettable adventure with your friends? Our VR Escape Room is the perfect activity for a fun afternoon or evening with friends, family or colleagues. Whether you are a seasoned escaper or new to the world of VR, this experience is sure to amaze you!

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