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2021: the most popular VR games

2021 was an impressive year in VR! Are you curious about the most popular VR games of 2021? Then quickly check out the rest of this blog!

Cooking Simulator VR

Become the ultimate chef! Control realistic kitchen full of different types of utensils and stands. Unlock and create over 80 recipes or use dozens of lifelike ingredients to invent your own dishes. The most fun game to improve your cooking skills without crying onions! 😉

Eye of the temple

In this tricky puzzle game you explore a temple. Because the game has so many details, it seems like you are really standing in a temple! The disadvantage of this game is that you need a lot of room to play, and therefore this game is not useful to play in your living room but rather with free roam in a large room. Do you like a challenging game? Then this is the game for you!

Gorilla Tag

In this funny game, you play tag with people online. Run away from the infected apes or outsmart the healthy apes by catching them. Embrace your inner ape in Gorilla Tag. A fun game that is also suitable for children!

Hitman 3

The latest series of the Hitman trilogy was released in 2021. Take out targets in many different ways in this cool game. In maps full of details, this game feels extra realistic.

I expect you to die 2

Escape as a spy from different rooms in this exciting puzzle game. For your escape you need objects that will help you get away. You collect these in the different rooms. This game is highly recommended for people who like a challenge in which they have to think carefully.

Lone echo 2

Go exploring in space with Lone Echo 2. Discover what it's like to move without gravity as you explore space. Pretty trippy! Grab objects and solve puzzles in this alien game.

Resident Evil 4 VR

The original versions of this game were always very popular, but even in VR this game proves to be wildly popular! In this horror related shooter game, the idea is to learn how to survive in environments full of horror.

Sniper Elite

Take out targets with your sniper in this fat shooter game. There are many different levels that raise the tension. A game that requires pure focus! What makes it extra cool? Sometimes you are the shooter and sometimes you have to defend yourself. A game full of variety!

Song in the Smoke

A survival game full of rhythm and music: that's what Song in the smoke is all about. Craft items, make fire and provide food while being able to defend yourself against enemies at all times. This game is described as one of the best in this genre until this date.

Wraith: The oblivion – Afterlife

Are you a fan of horror? Then this might be a cool game for you! In this game you died for an unknown reason, and you have to find out what happened. The game is specially made for VR, and thus adapted to it. An exciting game full of puzzles and horror!

Those were the most popular games of 2021! Want to read more about games? Quickly check out the VRcafe game selection!

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